September 3, 2018

It’s not just about older people…I have had five heart attacks and I’m only 50

FOOD writer, campaigner and TV presenter Sally Bee knows better than most just how important it is to look after your heart health.
September 5, 2018

Ten things you never knew about… charity

September 5 was declared the International Day of Charity by the United Nations in 2012.
September 9, 2018

High blood pressure – a daily cup of this 50p vegetable could slash hypertension risk

HIGH blood pressure risk could be lowered by making some diet and lifestyle changes. Eating a single cup of this cheap vegetable everyday could help to prevent hypertension symptoms, it’s been claimed.
August 29, 2018

Amazon Echo deals end TODAY – Last chance to get discounted Alexa smart speaker

AMAZON's August bank holiday sale ends today, meaning now is your last chance to get a discounted Echo smart speaker.
September 9, 2018

Vitamin B12 deficiency warning – the one symptom you should never ignore after exercise

VITAMIN B12 deficiency symptoms include tiredness, feeling faint and difficulty breathing. You should add more vitamin B12 foods to your diet if you have this one sign of the condition after exercising.
August 24, 2018

eBay: Rare £2 coin sold for £1000 on online – why is it so valuable?

EBAY is a good place to find rare coins such as this valuable and rare £2 coin. The two pound piece has various minting errors, the seller claims.
September 12, 2018

How Eugenie’s festival wedding is set to be bigger than Meghan Markle and Harry’s

MEGHAN MARKLE, 37, and Prince Harry, 33, had their wedding in May. Now is it claimed Princess Eugenie, 28, and Jack Brooksbank, 32, are planning a wedding that is even bigger than their’s.
August 27, 2018

Kate Middleton makes public appearance with the Queen during Scottish summer holiday

KATE MIDDLETON has made one of her first public appearances following the Cambridges' luxury, relaxing holiday in the Caribbean. The family is now holidaying with the Queen in Scotland, where Kate was spotted attending a church service in an elegant gr...
September 6, 2018

DVLA car tax scam WARNING – If you receive this message, here’s what you should do

MOTORISTS are being warned about the latest DVLA car tax scam circulating online which could potentially see victims have money stolen from them.
September 10, 2018

Melania Trump: What does First Lady do all day? Private White House routine revealed

MELANIA TRUMP is the First Lady of the US, currently residing at the White House and attending a host of public events. But what does the former model and mother-of-one do every day, and what is her daily routine?
August 24, 2018

Eugenie Bouchard criticised for ‘cheap’ Instagram post despite US Open win

EUGENIE BOUCHARD, 24, is a Canadian tennis player. She is currently competing in the US Open and won her last game yesterday. However, some of her Instagram posts have been criticised recently.
August 21, 2018

Mother gives birth at 1,400 feet… aboard helicopter

TINY Torran MacDonald looks none the worse for having been born aboard a coastguard helicopter.
July 5, 2020

Companies to be paid £1,000 bonuses to hire young people

Companies will be paid £1,000 bonuses by the government to hire young people as trainees, the chancellor will announce as part of his rescue plan for Britain's post-coronavirus economic recovery.
July 5, 2020

Property news: Searches for overseas homes ‘rocket’ as buyers rush to move abroad

PROPERTY experts at Rightmove have revealed a new trend for British buyers. The property site saw a rush in demand for overseas homes as the lockdown eases in the UK.
July 5, 2020

Bradley Walsh health: Star warned he could die from ‘silent killer’ – signs of condition

BRADLEY WALSH, best known for presenting ITV game show The Chase, has revealed he's at risk of a condition described as a "silent killer" - heart disease. What are the symptoms of the condition?
July 5, 2020

You could claim up to £500 cash for the new 4K TV you’ve just bought, here’s why

IF YOU'VE just bought a brand-new 4K TV from Hisense, you'll want to keep the receipt! The Chinese firm is offering a generous cashback scheme with incentives running from £100 to £500 depending on the value of the Smart TV. Here are all the eligible m...
July 5, 2020

Best supplements for cholesterol: The herbal tea proven to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels

BEST supplements for cholesterol: Having too much cholesterol can block your blood vessels and make you more likely to have heart problems or stroke. So what can you do to lower cholesterol? Drinking a certain tea could help.
July 5, 2020

Jimmy Carr’s enormous net worth after shock hair transplant surgery

JIMMY CARR, 47, is a British comedian who has had huge commercial success. One of the wealthiest comedians in the business, what is his net worth?
July 5, 2020

Nando’s set to reopen ten restaurants for eating in from July 8 – full list of branches

NANDO'S is reopening some of its restaurants for customers who want to dine in for the first time since the lockdown began. The chain has revealed which branches will open for eat-in services next week.
July 5, 2020

Type 2 diabetes: Expert recommends supplement to balance blood sugar levels

TYPE 2 DIABETES is a lifelong condition that needs to be well managed to preserve your health. One supplement may be able to allow you to do just that. What is it?
July 5, 2020

Electric scooters finally become legal in the UK this week, but there’s a catch

ELECTRIC SCOOTERS will take their first tentative steps towards becoming legal in the UK next week. The early trials are designed to evaluate whether e-scooters could be a safe and green way method of travel. As it stands, UK only allows rental compani...
July 5, 2020

How to cut cost of running a car – top money-saving tips for drivers

On average, a driver pays £192 a month to keep a vehicle on the road with fuel and insurance biggest outlays
July 5, 2020

Lockdown turns career woman into 1950s’ housewife

Jayne Hall said she has never been happier since giving up her career for the "tradwife" life
July 5, 2020

Couple set up hand sanitiser business just 12 weeks ago and made £30m

Company began trading in March but now has the capacity to produce more than 900,000 litres of its product every week
July 5, 2020

Mum gets creative during lockdown by making breast milk soap

She has now been flooded with requests from strangers on the internet who want to buy her soap
July 5, 2020

British Mr Bean lookalike becomes internet sensation across Asia

Nigel Dixon started posting videos online after being stranded in Wuhan, China
July 5, 2020

Baby girl born with so much hair it was spotted in 34-week scan

Alexandra Jechorek believed babies were born bald – until Maya arrived with her luscious locks
July 5, 2020

Mum recalls moment daughter told her ‘my eyes have stopped working’

Natalie Wild rushed little Tilly to hospital after she woke up screaming that she couldn't see and has since had two cataracts removed from her eyes