September 16, 2018

Diabetes: Swap bacon and sausages at breakfast for this tasty alternative

DIABETES can be managed by eating a healthy diet, as consuming too much sugar and fat can worsen the condition and increase the risk of complications. If you enjoy a fried breakfast, try this tasty and healthy alternative to control your blood sugar le...
August 19, 2018

Diesel cars – Should you still buy one in 2018 or is it time to switch?

SHOULD you still buy a diesel car in 2018 or is it time to switch to another fuel type?
September 13, 2018

Brigitte Macron takes part in TV series in a first for the wife of a French President

BRIGITTE MACRON has broken with tradition by taking a part in a TV show. The French First lady and wife of Emmanuel Macron will appear on Vestiaires.
September 3, 2018

Check how old your heart is…it could save your life

ROCKETING rates of killer cardiovascular diseases have prompted health chiefs to devise a potentially life-saving heart health test.
August 30, 2018

Car tyres WARNING – Check your wheels now as you may have been sold illegal tyres

A SHOCKING new investigation into part-worn car tyre retailers has pound over 90 per cent to be selling illegal, unsafe or worn tyres, putting drivers at risk.
September 1, 2018

Secret asbestos in our schools ‘killing 400 victims a year’

ALMOST four hundred former school pupils will die of lung cancer every year after being exposed to asbestos while at school, research shows. It means Britain will have the highest number of ex-pupils and teachers in the world to die after exposure to t...
September 4, 2018

What could be the cause of dad’s bad fall?

Q - MY 88-year-old father fell over in the garden recently. His knees just seemed to buckle beneath him and we needed a neighbour’s help to get him up and back into the house. He seems fine now so could this have been a one-off incident or could there ...
September 4, 2018

Lung cancer symptoms: If this happens to your fingers you could have the deadly disease

LUNG CANCER symptoms usually develop as the disease progresses and aren’t evident in the early stages. There are, however, signs you should look out for, including this symptom in your fingers.
August 31, 2018

Apple Cider Vinegar weight loss: What is Apple Cider Vinegar diet? Is it safe?

ADDING apple cider vinegar to your diet is said to help you lose weight. But what is the Apple Cider Vinegar diet and is it safe to help you lose weight?
September 10, 2018

UK’s top 10 best fish and chip shops MAPPED – did your local make the cut?

FISH AND CHIPS is one of Britain’s best-loved dishes, served up in all four corners of the country. Now the UK’s best fish and chips shops have been named in the National Fish & Chip Awards, but did your local make the cut?
August 25, 2018

Household gadgets set to go plug free

A BRITISH business has developed new wireless technology that will end the need for plugs around the house and in the office. Chores involving ironing and other domestic appliances could become a lot easier without cables.
August 20, 2018

Autism – five signs of autism spectrum disorder to look out for in children

AUTISM signs are described as problems with social communication and interaction. These are just some of the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, and signs you should see a doctor.
August 19, 2022

Retail sales rebound with rise of 0.3% in July

Retail sales have seen a reverse in fortunes with a 0.3% rise in July.
August 19, 2022

Parents warned over YouTube video trick petrifying children

Innocent clip of Cocomelon turns sinister
August 19, 2022

Bills will reach almost £3,600 from October, experts say in final prediction

It is a forecast that will pile pressure on the Government to take rapid action, and spells out pain for more than 20 million households
August 19, 2022

More transport misery as London Underground and bus staff begin latest walkout

Workers on the London Underground are staging a 24-hour walkout in a continued row over jobs and pensions.
August 19, 2022

Free e-cigarette vouchers help two in five smokers to quit in pilot study

People were given advice and support
August 19, 2022

Octopus Energy customers urged to think about fixed rate tariff

With Ofgem increasing the energy price cap, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is advising customers to look into whether a fixed tariff could save them money
August 19, 2022

Next PM must deliver Online Safety Bill, say campaigners

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have been urged to resist calls to water down the planned internet safety laws
August 18, 2022

Self-driving vehicles ‘on UK roads by 2025’ under Government plans

Some cars, coaches and lorries with self-driving features could even be operating on motorways in the next year, the Government said
August 18, 2022

Drink more alcohol, Japanese tax agency tells young adults

Industry in a post-Covid slump
August 18, 2022

Beware the dangers of thirdhand smoking

Particles from cigarettes seep into hair, clothes, furniture and carpets
August 18, 2022

Companies with fake details is ‘national scandal’ – money expert

'You need more proof of ID to get a library card than to set up a company'
August 18, 2022

Which are the 54 poshest villages in Britain?

Estate agents Savills has compiled a list of Britain's 54 most desirable villages
August 18, 2022

Apple discloses serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs

Apple has disclosed serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs, which could potentially allow attackers to take complete control of devices.
August 18, 2022

Labour demands recall of Parliament as cost-of-living crisis bites

It wants MPs to return two weeks early on August 22
August 18, 2022

Arrest over fatal stabbing of 87-year-old on mobility scooter

Thomas O’Halloran was stabbed while riding his mobility scooter in west London earlier this week
August 18, 2022

NHS Covid Pass goes down leaving travellers unable to prove vaccination status

Boarding flights has been an issue for some who have taken to social media to complain