September 10, 2018

Vitamin B12 deficiency: Nine symptoms to watch out for and what foods to eat to avoid one

VITAMIN B12 deficiency can result in anaemia and lead to complications such as an abnormally feast heart beat and heart failure. There are nine symptoms that indicate you could have one, but the best way to avoid it in the first place is to eat certain...
August 20, 2018

eBay: Rare Beatrix Potter 50p selling for hundreds – do you have this coin in your wallet?

EBAY has a host of rare coins on offer, and one seller is hoping to cash in with a Beatrix Potter 50p featuring a Mr Jeremy Fisher design, listing it for hundreds of pounds. Do you have one of these coins at home?
September 17, 2018

Arthritis pain – four of the best exercises to prevent joint symptoms

ARTHRITIS pain affects about 10 million people in the UK. Exercise and diet changes could help to relieve signs of joint pain. These are the best types of exercise for arthritis patients.
September 2, 2018

Energy bills: Save £800 a year on your energy bills by turning off ONE household item

ENERGY BILLS are a part of being a homeowner, with the bill’s arrival once a month often causing dread and anxiety. But it’s now been revealed that Britons can save up to £800 on energy bills, by just turning off one household item.
September 16, 2018

Autumn equinox 2018: When is the autumn equinox – what is the September equinox?

AUTUMN is almost upon us, with the days gradually getting shorter and the nights chillier. So when is the autumn or September equinox?
August 23, 2018

Do men or women lie more on their CV? Survey reveals which gender is the least honest

JOBS and job interviews can be incredibly daunting, so many feel compelled to lie on their CV. But do men or women embellish their achievements more?
September 16, 2018

Victoria Beckham net worth: British designer is worth very startling amount

VICTORIA BECKHAM is to debut her fashion collection for the first time at London Fashion Week today after a decade in the industry, but how much is the ex-Spice Girl and fashion designer really worth?
August 27, 2018

Kate Middleton makes public appearance with the Queen during Scottish summer holiday

KATE MIDDLETON has made one of her first public appearances following the Cambridges' luxury, relaxing holiday in the Caribbean. The family is now holidaying with the Queen in Scotland, where Kate was spotted attending a church service in an elegant gr...
August 31, 2018

Best supplements for stomach bloating: Four supplements to help you get rid of excess gas

BEST supplements for stomach bloating: A bloated tummy is often caused by certain foods, including fizzy drinks. Cutting out bloat-inducing foods out a person’s diet can help, but some health experts recommend taking supplements to help get rid of exce...
August 29, 2018

Amazon Echo deals end TODAY – Last chance to get discounted Alexa smart speaker

AMAZON's August bank holiday sale ends today, meaning now is your last chance to get a discounted Echo smart speaker.
September 12, 2018

High blood pressure – 8p a mug tea could slash hypertension risk

HIGH blood pressure risk could be lowered by making some diet or lifestyle changes. Prevent hypertension symptoms by drinking a single mug of this tea every morning.
September 13, 2018

Gregg Wallace weight loss: Masterchef presenter shed three stone – diet plan revealed

WEIGHT LOSS can be tricky, but Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace lost three stone. What diet plan did he follow?
September 19, 2021

Energy company Bulb seeks bailout as PM insists soaring gas prices are global problem

UK energy company Bulb is seeking a bailout to stay afloat amid surging wholesale gas prices with Boris Johnson insisting the issues facing the industry are global.
September 19, 2021

Radon alert: ‘Colourless’ deadly gas that could be in your home – areas where it’s high

RADON gas is a natural radioactive gas, present in buildings including homes. Public Health England has shared the areas in the UK where there are high levels of the gas, including Cornwall.
September 19, 2021

Yo! Sushi takes fresh step to show appetite for stock market float

The owner of the sushi restaurant chain Yo! will this week take a further step towards a stock market flotation that could come as soon as next month.
September 19, 2021

Do you pee in the shower? Doctor explains why you should give up the habit immediately

THE DEBATE on whether or not it is okay to pee in the shower has traditionally revolved around hygiene concerns. A physician has now taken to TikTok to explain why the issue is in fact multifaceted.
September 19, 2021

Cancer: The seemingly ‘healthy’ beverage increasing your risk for all types of cancer

THE PANDEMIC has raised concerns that survival rates of cancer may be receding after figures revealed hundreds of thousands of patients were not referred to hospital during the crisis. These figures highlight the pressing need for better protective mea...
September 19, 2021

What is beaning? Concern over TikTok trend sees shops warned to refuse baked beans

BEANING is a TikTok trend that has become so out of hand, police have had to issue warnings to shops and parents. But what is beaning?
September 19, 2021

Pfizer booster shot: The ‘unexpected’ side effect after third dose – Pfizer finding

THE UK has begun launching its booster shot programme in a bid to stave off a third wave of infections ahead of winter. New data released by the FDA has highlighted which side effects are to be expected after receiving a booster dose of the Pfizer vacc...
September 19, 2021

CO2 shortage may ‘cancel Christmas’, major poultry supplier warns

A shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas means Christmas dinners could be cancelled, the owner of the UK's biggest poultry supplier has said.
September 19, 2021

Fatty liver disease: Signs when you go to the toilet that need ‘urgent medical attention’

FATTY liver disease is an umbrella term for a range of conditions characterised by abnormal levels of fat in the liver. Although the condition is often marked by an absence of symptoms, there are certain signs to look out for when you go to the toilet.
September 19, 2021

Cancer: The popular food to avoid or risk the life-threatening condition – dietary tips

DESPITE medical advancements, the global burden of cancer continues to wreak havoc with around 376,000 new cases in the UK every year. One vegetable, when cooked at high temperatures, could increase the risk of cancer.
September 19, 2021

Hair loss treatment: Two foods that could prevent hair loss and even boost hair growth

HAIR loss is very normal, and we can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, often without noticing. Some types of hair loss are permanent, like male and female pattern baldness. Nonetheless, there are some ways to prevent thinning hair, according to a re...
September 19, 2021

Alzheimer’s disease: The five household chores helping to reduce your risk says study

ALZHEIMER'S disease diagnoses are steadily increasing through the years. Living a healthy lifestyle is known to help stave off the condition, however, studies indicate certain household chores may be just as effective as strenuous activities.
September 18, 2021

‘So impressed’: Mrs Hinch fan shares how to get rid of fruit flies ‘once and for all’

FRUIT FLIES can be extremely annoying, even heading into autumn, but according to one Mrs Hinch fan, they are easy to get rid of.
September 18, 2021

Gas supply this winter ‘not a cause for immediate concern’, says business secretary

Gas supply this winter is "not a cause for immediate concern", the UK's business secretary has reassured, following reports that a spike in prices could threaten food production and other industries.
September 18, 2021

Friendship between France and UK, US and Australia ‘tarnished’ by AUKUS pact

The bonds of friendship between France and the UK, US and Australia have been "tarnished" by the AUKUS pact, and it is now "more difficult than before" for France to trust those countries, the president of the French National Assembly has told Sky...
September 18, 2021

Northern Ireland to scrap traffic light travel system as holiday bookings soar

Northern Ireland has indicated it will follow many of England's incoming COVID-19 rules on international travel, as holiday firms experience a surge in bookings.