October 7, 2019

Facial analysis AI is being used in job interviews – it will probably reinforce inequality

The fundamental problem with AI is it is often riddled with society's existing biases and prejudices.
October 3, 2019

How multinationals continue to avoid paying hundreds of billions of dollars in tax – new research

Governments around the world lose about US$125 billion in revenues every year because of profit shifting to tax havens.
October 3, 2019

High street pawnbrokers: risky, expensive, but a lifeline for so many

The closure of high street pawnbrokers like Albermarle and Bond might leave many without financial help.
October 2, 2019

If politicians are serious about tackling inequality they need to properly overhaul the tax system – here’s how

Inequality has reached untenable levels – public spending and wealth taxes are needed.
October 1, 2019

How Taiwan became a global powerhouse in whisky production

Having only started producing whisky in 2006, the small subtropical island is producing millions of bottles and scooping up top industry awards.
September 30, 2019

Streamed music and digital images have driven the comeback of vinyl and printed photos

Vinyl records are set to become the largest source of revenue from physical music sales.
September 30, 2019

Why historians are fighting to save Thomas Cook’s enormous archive

Thomas Cook may be history – but that history is about to be lost.
September 27, 2019

How IMF programmes can increase corruption

Global forces affect corruption, too.
September 27, 2019

Traditional banks are struggling to stave off the fintech revolution

Traditional banks don't understand the challenge they face from fintech disruptors and their competitive advantage is on the wane.
September 26, 2019

‘Digital colonialism’: why some countries want to take control of their people’s data from Big Tech

Can developing countries get rich from data?
September 26, 2019

How women entrepreneurs are changing Indian society

Research on women entrepreneurs in India reveals they are contesting social, cultural and family pressures to challenge the status quo in society.
September 26, 2019

Why the Bank of England will struggle to stop the economic fallout of a hard Brexit – and could even make it worse

Neither an interest rate cut nor an interest rate rise are out of the question if there's a hard Brexit.