January 8, 2020

US is more relaxed about oil spike than Europe – which helps explain differences over Iran

To make sense of the Soleimani assassination, you need to look at the global economics of oil.
January 6, 2020

CEOs make more in first week of January than average salary – pay ratios are the solution

Nobody else, apart from CEOs, has enjoyed a similar rise in their fortunes since the 1980s.
January 6, 2020

Bitcoin’s threat to the global financial system is probably at an end

Will 2020 be the year that the new threat to fiat currencies reaches maturity?
January 3, 2020

History of the two-day weekend offers lessons for today’s calls for a four-day week

Government legislation followed numerous campaigns in the 19th century for Saturday afternoons off.
December 31, 2019

Five rules from psychology to help keep your new year’s resolutions

The trick is changing our actual behaviour, as well as our intentions.
December 24, 2019

Prosecco-flavoured Pringles: did festive snack break EU law?

Italian authorities who seized the special Christmas edition crisps seem to be unfamiliar with EU guidelines on food labelling and protected ingredients.
December 24, 2019

Don’t feel guilty about a commercial Christmas – it provides the economy with a vital boost

The retail sector relies on a little festive excess.
December 20, 2019

What makes Uber and Airbnb different in the eyes of the EU – and why it matters

The EU needs to reconsider its approach if digital platforms are to thrive.
December 20, 2019

How advertising through the ages has shaped Christmas

A religion of conspicuous consumption has replaced Christianity at the centre of Christmas – and it’s big business which will be most pleased of all.
December 19, 2019

The next Bank of England governor must take a radically different approach to running the economy

The days of using interest rates to keep the wheels on are at an end.
December 17, 2019

What the 19th-century fad for anti-slavery sugar can teach us about ethical Christmas gifts

After several decades in which many housewives turned their backs on slave sugar, it suddenly made a comeback.
December 16, 2019

Boris Johnson’s landslide gives UK economy a Brexit certainty boost – but it’s not out of the woods yet

While Johnson brings a modicum of certainty about the UK's direction of travel – out of the EU – its future beyond 2020 remains uncertain.