June 14, 2019

A vegan meat revolution is coming to global fast food chains – and it could help save the planet

Realistic plant-based meat is now big business - and global fast food chains are finally starting to take notice. In doing so, they could significantly reduce meat's role in the climate crisis.
June 12, 2019

Online gambling: children among easy prey for advertisers who face few sanctions

Online gambling algorithims and blurred lines on what constitutes an advert on social media mean advertising principles are being flouted.
June 12, 2019

England’s history of defaulting on European lenders shows repercussions of not paying Brexit bill

Research shows that England was one of the first sovereigns to default on its international debt obligations.
June 12, 2019

Online shopping: why its unstoppable growth may be coming to an end

Even Amazon can't defy gravity forever.
June 11, 2019

Are retailers ‘bagging’ the 5p plastic carrier bag charge?

Ever wondered where the 5p you pay for plastic bags in the UK goes?
June 11, 2019

Boris Johnson’s threat to not pay Britain’s Brexit bill is dangerous for the UK economy

It's hard to say if, legally, not paying the Brexit bill will classify as a sovereign default. But credit agencies will take serious notice.
June 10, 2019

Happiness may be a choice – except that it’s constrained by vested economic interests

Happiness may well be a choice, but it is a difficult choice. And much that might make that choice a little easier depends on the choices of influential others.
June 7, 2019

Why some plastic packaging is necessary to prevent food waste and protect the environment

Food waste could be worse than plastic when it comes to harming the environment.
June 6, 2019

How to build a business that lasts more than 200 years – lessons from Japan’s shinise companies

Centuries-old shinise businesses have withstood Westernisation, changing tastes and increasing competition.
June 6, 2019

What rowing across the Atlantic can teach you about navigating the working world

I wanted to see whether this extreme example of a team effort could tell us anything about the workplace.
June 5, 2019

Chinese brides wear as many as five dresses – yet provide inspiration for a sustainable fashion future

This might sound over the top and rather wasteful. But rental wedding dresses are not uncommon.
June 3, 2019

Sperm banks recruit unpaid donors by playing into masculine stereotypes

How sperm bank marketing meets the growing demand for donations.