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December 26, 2015
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December 27, 2015

Machete-wielding boy sparks terror fears in London

Shoppers have fled in terror as a group of knife-wielding teens engaged in a mass brawl in a London shopping mall.

The fight, between at least six people, sparked fears of an Isis-style terrorist attack and sent panicked shoppers running for their lives, trampling small children in their efforts to escape, the Daily Mail reported.

The incident came just weeks after a suspected terrorist stabbed a man in a London Tube station while yelling “this is for Syria”.

There were chaotic scenes in a greater London shopping mall as a teen brawl sparked fears of an ISIS terrorist attack.

* Tube user tells suspect ‘You ain’t no Muslim, bruv!’ 
* British soldier hacked to death on London street

Mall staff guided frightened customers out through shop store rooms to safety while unarmed police, who were first to arrive, arrested a teenager boy, the Daily Mail reported.

Two knives, including a rusty 60cm machete were recovered from the scene of the brawl.

Music producer Ryan Louder told of his terrifying experience on Twitter, saying he saw “hundreds of people panicking running out of the shopping centre” . 

He said staff at the Apple Store were telling people to “get into the back”. 

 – Reuters

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