Lack of armed police ‘leaves UK regions open to terrorist attack’
December 27, 2015
Bolshoi Babylon
December 27, 2015

  • The River Calder burst its banks in the Calder Valley town of Mytholmroyd in West Yorkshire. Photo: Christopher Furlong, Getty Images



LONDON — Homes were evacuated, cars were submerged and boats were brought in to help bring people to safety Saturday as parts of England, Scotland and Wales faced severe flooding caused by repeated heavy rains.

The Boxing Day holiday saw a battle against the elements, particularly in northwestern England. More than 30 “severe” flood warnings were issued — each one meaning people faced possible loss of life if they didn’t exercise extreme caution.

In the county of Lancashire, some 220 miles northwest of London, emergency workers backed by the military buttressed defenses with extra sandbags, while heavy trucks brought in rescue equipment able to drive through waters too high to safely traverse on foot.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes after water breached flood barriers and poured into the streets.

Beleaguered residents in some towns were told to abandon their homes for higher ground while others were told to move their valuables and listen to advice from emergency services about possible evacuation.

Abbi Blackburn, stranded, said she had no sandbags to protect her home and had already lost major appliances to flooding in the basement. She said it was too dangerous to leave either on foot or in a vehicle.

“It’s getting quite bad and it’s still walloping down with rain,” she said.

Lancashire police tried to persuade the curious to stay away from the danger zones: “A severe flood warning means danger to life. It doesn’t mean ‘come and have a look,’” the department tweeted.

Its fire department reported one fire station had been evacuated due to floods but that its boat crews were helping others to safety.

Authorities issued about 335 flood alerts in all.